Sunday, December 28, 2008

Warning - Quilting Content!

Our cable has been out since early this morning so we haven't had any TV or Internet all day. I couldn't care less about the TV, but Leo wasn't too happy that he missed his football games. Having no Internet, however, caused me to suffer withdrawal symptoms all day.

I got busy and took some pictures for you. These are more tree napkins that I made for Sandra with penguins on them.

I also got some pictures of my 'deals' from yesterday. For someone who doesn't like Christmas, I bought an awful lot of Christmas stuff. This snowman is similar to the Santa I showed you a couple of weeks ago - he's a tea cosy but would look great just sitting on a table.

I just couldn't resist this tube Santa - the sample was adorable and he wouldn't take up much room.
This little kit came complete with all the embellishments and the hanger. The only thing missing is someone to sew it!

This is a very bad picture of the fabric I bought.

I'm a sucker for a panel - just can't resist them.

Looks like Ben can resist this one either!

I bought this to try a One Block Wonder.

Finally, I got this kit which included the book and fabric to make a table runner. This was my deal of the day at $15 for the book and fabric.

I also promised I'd show you pictures of the cards I was making before I got sick. I took some pictures today to do a little tutorial, but since this post is so long already, I'll save it for another day. Here is an example of what they look like.

Since I did my part to boost the Canadian economy yesterday, I'm off to do my part for the U.S. economy tomorrow as Sandra & I are headed to Buffalo.


Deb said...

Wow Irene, you've been busy! The napkins look great! I'll look forward to the others.

Good for you, supporting the economy in this hard time....I try to do my part too.(:>)

Joan said...

Nice hual Irene! Be sure to show us what you bought in Buffalo!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! The title of your post caused me to chuckle. I can't wait to see how you do your cards.