Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

I spent the day embroidering, but not what I had originally planned. I ended up making 8 quilt labels so all the quilts I have lying around could go on their merry way to their new homes.

My embroidery unit and I have a love/hate relationship. I did the first 4 labels and they were perfect, then for some unknown reason I started getting an error message when it was stitching out the last word of the label. This happened twice and I have no idea why. I think what is so frustrating about embroidery is when you quilt, if you mess it up, it's usually your own fault, but with embroidery machines, 9 times out of 10 the computer just goes wonky. That's my experience anyway. I have a Husqvarna/Viking Designer I USB - does anyone else have problems with their unit or is it just me? If you have another brand, do you have problems too?

I may have blogged about this before, but I was thinking about it again today. I find myself obsessed with using up scraps and old fabric I don't like much anymore, yet I have all this gorgeous fabric that I love that I'm reluctant to do anything with. It's kind of like not using the good dishes. Life is too short, I know.

Of course, a lot of the fabric I purchased is for a specific project, but my memory is so bad I no longer remember what pattern I bought the fabric for. There's a lot to be said for leaving everything in a bag.

I don't have any pictures to share with you today - quilt labels make for pretty boring viewing.

The temperature outside today feels like -23. I'm sure it's warmer here:


Deb said...

Sorry you're having problems. I have an old (10 yrs now) Brother PC 8500. It is a workhorse ...I do all my piecing on it. and before the longarm, did my quilting on it. Now it just does applique and embroiders my quilt labels and clothes for the granddaughters, and shirts for Don's sailboat racing crew. works great...still.

And, not to rub it in, but 78 today... (cold for here this time of year)

Suzan said...

I checked on line and my sister has the Designer I but I don't think it is the USB. All I know is that she has had the same problems that you describe. Once it embroidered 2 shirts perfectly with a quail design over the pocket (for some men in her life) and on the third one it gave the quail two heads! She has had the control board replaced and it still screws up. She loves it for sewing but the embroidery unit makes her crazy. She complained about it so much last year her husband bought her the Bernina 75th anniversary machine with an embroidery unit and that works much better!

SandyQuilts said...

I haven't embroidery in 7yrs on my Janome. It probably doesn't work anymore. SORRY you're having problems.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an embroidery machine so I can't feel your pain. But I'd like one, if I only didn't have too many machines already.

Make a tablerunner out of your favored fabric. Don't piece it, just keep the whole fabric, cutting it only to make the long runner. I did that with a yard of Lonnie Rossie fabric that I couldn't bear to cut and I use it all the time and love it.