Thursday, January 29, 2009

Before I Go Any Further

I need your HONEST opinions please. I thought I'd try a Disappearing 9 Patch with some of my Fat Quarters. This is what it looks like so far on my design wall:

If I liked it, I probably wouldn't be asking the question, what do you think? As you can see, I have all the blocks laid out the same way. I have a really hard time just putting them up any old way - the symmetry in me fights for some kind of order.

These are not good pictures - it's dark so I had to use artificial light and even without the flash the colours didn't register true.

Any suggestions? Do I leave it the way it is? Do I try and mix it up a bit more? Do I throw it out? HELP PLEASE.

Thank you all for your concern about Ben. He is feeling much better but it is so hard to keep him quiet and he doesn't understand why he can't play with his ball. I'm sure I feel worse than he does.

Edited to add:

What about this one?

I've looked at so many pictures in Webshots of D9Ps and none of them look like either one of these. I think most of the ones that appeal to me have only 2 or 3 colours in them. I like all the fabrics in this individually, but I'm not sure I like them all together, even though they are all from the same line.

Can you tell I'm really struggling here!


Suzan said...

I like the colors and the fabrics though it doesn't look like a disappearing 9 patch to me in that configuration. Just for grins, put the 9 block patches back together and then turn each sub-cut one quarter turn. See how that looks.

Mary said...

I'm actually not a big fan of D9P quilts because I don't see the *pattern* in them .... so I love the first layout but don't like the other one.

Vicki W said...

I'm with Mary - not a huge D9P fan but I do like your first layout.

Mary said...

I am with Mary and Vicki, (but in the spirit of full disclosure, I am an engineer by training) so the ordered one is more pleasing to my eye.

SandyQuilts said...

Well I like random ... go back to the last photo. Photo at the top doesn't reflect a D9P pattern.

ponderpiggy said...

I like the D9P and all the variations you can do with the setting. I like the first layout...easy way to make sashing! :>)
The second isn't really the 'traditional' D9P setting. Go to my webshots (or any search for D9P or disappearing 9 patch)...Nathan's quilt is a D9P in the traditional way of switching the blocks. Easy to tell with my fabrics...I think yours are similar, so may not be as easy to see.
Sally in TX

quiltmom said...

I like the first setting the best- I have a couple of D9P going right now and I am still not sure whether I like the pattern or not - I will post my versions soon so you can see - In the one the fabric value is so murky that you really lose the pattern( its okay though because I love all the sunflower fabrics in it :D)).The other has a more distinct pattern.
Doesn't it just make you crazy when you are trying to make a quilt and you get it all put together and then you are not happy with the way that it is turning out? Having said that,your quilt is a lovely piece and I am sure that you will find a way that will look the way that you want it too..
The fabrics are pretty and so soft looking..