Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Must Be Tuesday

I've heard it said that the Baptist Fan design looks good on anything, but what I needed was a design that makes anything look good!

I am really pleased with the Circle Lord's Baptist Fan on this, but I still don't like the quilt. I've had several offers to take it off my hands, but I am going to donate it. I just haven't quite decided where yet. The Institute for the Blind comes immediately to mind.

I have a couple of ideas for my fat quarter bundles, so they are going to be next on the list - just as soon as I finish this one.

The fabric in this is as old as the hills. It was among the first lot of fabric I purchased when I started quilting and I'm sick of looking at it every time I sort through my fabrics. This is another mindless pattern (I'm good at those) so it shouldn't take long to finish.

Edited to add: I was shocked when I enlarged this picture and saw how far off my seams were. Then I realized the strip on the left isn't sewn yet - it's just placed on my design wall. Whew...

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