Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Is It - Honest!

In order to get the bride and groom to kiss, you had to sing a song with an animal name in it. There were some very creative renditions.

These are some of Sandra's girlfriends but I can't remember what they sang.

My forever friend, Trudy, and her husband Lou. We've been friends since we were 5 which is almost 52 years ago! We've been through a lot together - good and bad.

As soon as we finished this:

it was time for the first dance - "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green.

Then the dance with her Dad, which ended up being "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra - let's just say it wouldn't have been my choice!

After a change of footwear for Sandra & Tonya

the real dancing got started.

I have to give kudos to the photographer, Heather MacEachern, of HRM Photography. She did an amazing job and was so much fun to work with. She had a calming effect on us all.

I'll leave you with my favourite picture of the day.

The happiness just radiates from her face.


Nadine said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed the wedding pictures, Irene! You're right, that last one is just gorgeous and radiant!

SandyQuilts said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the very last photo on this photo. So sweet.