Sunday, February 15, 2009


Do you ever wonder why you blog? What got you started in the first place, what keeps you going? There are many days, and today is one of them, when I can't think of a single thing to post that anyone would be interested in reading.

Nothing exciting has been going on around here and not much has been happening on the quilting front either. I did get a flannel baby quilt quilted today and then I spent the rest of the day frogging another quilt that I wasn't happy with. Doesn't make for exciting blog reading, does it.

I could tell you about our trip yesterday to buy a new dishwasher but that is almost as exciting as watching paint dry. We were finally able to find one that would fit in the existing space without having to remove the tile on the kitchen floor. It's being delivered on Thursday and for the first time in a long time, I'm going to have to wash dishes between now and then. Thankfully Leo is going away on business this week so it will just be me and Ben - how many dishes could we possibly use?

Hopefully I'll be more productive in the next few days and have something worth showing you.


Betweens said...

Irene. for not having nothing to did well. I started cause I found a quilting community in Blogging that was just as addictive as I was and hungry to talk, look, and show anything about quilting..and then also the posts of the lighter side of things. What a wonderful way to meet great quilting matter where they are in the world.

Suzan said...

I've been in a slump myself and know that will change. I think I am starting to feel a little depression due to the weather. I NEED spring!!

Anonymous said...

I go through those blog slumps myself. Often I feel "guilty" because not many of my posts are "quilty." Because I'm in several quilt blog rings, I feel like I need it to be about quilting. And quilting slumps transfer to blog slumps. I guess the non-quilters (and non-golfers!) can tune me out if they want.

Mary said...

Somehow I always manage to find something to blog about. I treat mine as a journal and a way to interact with other quilters since I'm such a loner.

I hate frogging...hate it!

Anonymous said...

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