Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring Fling

That's what I've been having - a Spring Fling - with these fat quarters from Moda. Now, they were probably flinging about 2 years ago as I think they've been sitting in my stash for that long.

I have a lot of quilt books - too many in fact, and I looked through a lot of them trying to come up with an idea for these fat quarters. I only had 6 and didn't have any extra co-ordinating fabric. I ended up using Mary's Boxed Squares pattern which I liked more than anything else I saw in the myriad of books I own. Thanks Mary!

I'm really not sure why I keep buying books as I gravitate more and more to patterns on Mary's site or Bonnie's. Maybe I need to have a big sale of quilt books and make room for more fabric! I do enjoy looking through my books though, even if I don't make much from them. I have every one of Judy Martin's books, and still haven't made one of her patterns....but I will one day!

I think this is a perfect size for a little girl - it's about 36" x 42".

I watched The Big Chill again last night. Do you realize that movie is 26 years old? The soundtrack is absolutely timeless though, and brought back some great memories. Tom Berenger has always been pretty easy on the eyes. I really liked him in "Someone to Watch Over Me" with Mimi Rogers. Wasn't she married to Tom Cruise eons ago?

Enough reminiscing - I have a brunch to get ready for Leo's birthday celebration tomorrow.


Deb said...

Very spring like and feminine. Love those colors Irene!

Anonymous said...

These fabrics say "Happy Day" to me. They also say "Lucky Little Girl." Have fun with the brunch, we want details and photos.

SandyQuilts said...

Those are adorable.

I really am going to stop buying books/magazines ... I have way too many.

Joan said...

Oh how cute! Those floral fabrics are adorable. Perfect for a little girl. And yes Mimi was married to Tom eons ago. Have a fun brunch tomorrow!

Jackie said...

Beautiful! One lucky little girl!

Yep, Mimi was wife #1 and I agree with you about Tom Berenger. I always thought he was really cute! :)

Mary said...

I'm ready to make another one of these too and I'm going to use the cutter to make my own Jelly Roll from stash to use. This looks very girlie!

Betweens said...

You are sure brining back some memories.. Tom I had such a crush on!! Your Turquoise and pinks are awesome love the pattern you picked to compliment the fab...isn't it wonderful to find a challenge you can work with!!