Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Recovered

Well, I've gotten over feeling disgusted. Thanks to all your kind comments and e-mails I am now totally convinced I have nothing to feel guilty about. There are a lot worse things I could be spending money on and at least this way I'll leave something behind.

(Note to Sandra if you are reading this - do NOT throw out everything in my quilting room when I'm gone - it's worth money!)

My friend Sandy sent me a link to this blog - it made me feel so much better!

My friend Linda put things in perspective when she said to me - what else can you spend $4 on (for a fat quarter) and get so much pleasure?

It's a good thing I'm over it as the mailman brought lots of goodies today. I got my Fonz & Porter magazine and my Unlimited Possibilities magazine. This is a longarm specific magazine and I usually read it cover to cover.

I also got a book I'd ordered from Ebay:

I got prints of all the wedding pictures. It took me forever to upload them all to the Kodak website, but I finished them on Monday and they arrived in the mail today - all 670 of them! I've already got a couple of albums to put them in. I'm really impressed with their speedy service and excellent print quality.

I ordered Ben a new harness - well, actually, I call it his little sports bra. These harnesses are great - he has one but it's at Doggie Daycare (my Aunt's) so he needs another one to keep at home. They are soft mesh and made by Puppia. My poor baby cut his paw today while out with my Aunt for a walk. She cleaned it out really well and put Polysporin on it, but he's still limping. I hope he feels better tomorrow, although it isn't slowing him down any. I think I'll go and give him some cuddles.


Deb said...

Glad you got over the stash guilt... stress you don't need!

Love the little mess harnesses...mind sharing where you get them? They would be perfect for Chloe and Harry...they probably are bigger than

Jackie said...

No need to feel guilty over fabric!

I love the little harnesses! They're cute!

SandyQuilts said...

Hey Tippy and Oreo probably need those thingies.

Glad I could help resolve your stash sadness.

Oh poor Ben .... kisses for his little paw.

Secret Joke .... I can't stop laughing. LOL

Mary said...

Cute harness...hope Ben's paw is better now. Chesty and I are doing some cuddling today in between me running around like crazy getting ready to leave again.