Monday, February 23, 2009

My Name is Irene and I am a Quilting Addict

I am totally disgusted with myself. After wasting the best part of the day yesterday procrastinating about cleaning up my sewing room, I was up bright and early this morning determined to get the job done. I'm almost finished.

I have enough fabric in that room to quilt for ten lifetimes and still have fabric left over. It's not a good feeling - it disgusts me. How did I get into this state? I have only been quilting for just over five years - not years and years like some of my fellow bloggers.

What is it about acquiring fabric that we find so appealing? Why do we continue to buy when we know we don't need it? Why do I, in particular, keep buying florals? I have enough florals in my stash to wallpaper an old Victorian house! I have really been trying to buy more tone on tones as that is the only way, in my opinion, you can make your stash work for you.

Then we come to kits - Christmas kits in particular. I don't even like Christmas and I have two drawers full of Christmas kits. Panels are another downfall - baby panels in particular.

Why is a trip to a quilt store so exciting?

I don't only limit my addiction to fabric - oh, no - I also buy books, patterns and magazines.

I need a 12 step program and I need it NOW.


Suzan said...

My sister was echoing those same sentiments on Saturday when she started working on TWO sewing rooms that are in disarray. I don't know why we get so excited about a quilt store or fabric. I have been telling myself "no" a lot more lately and it is difficult to do!!

Betweens said...

Irene..with the quilts you are making and the long will put a dent in it..I think it is the industry itself they put out those fabrics all the time new ones every time you open a mag or get a message on what's new in your email..if you don't use what you got when you leave this earth..just think what you have accomplished with what you purchased. I love that I can go to my cupboards now and find that fabric I needed that I couln't find at the quilt store. I love that I have my studio full to the brim..patterns that you can use at anytime..even know I can volunteer to be BOM organizer at my guild cause I have the patterns...enjoy your treasures... I am.
Beautiful Puppy of the day..

Mary said...

This is NOT the week for you to be posting this! I filled in a few holes in my stash with some online shopping this week and I plan on treating myself to some fat quarter bundles at the quilt show. Yes, I could probably quilt for the next 5 or even 10 years just from my stash alone but hopefully I'll be quilting for the next 30!

SandyQuilts said...

Hey girl welcome to my world and probably most quilters. he he he

12 Steps
1. think
2. drive
3. open door
4. smell fabric
5. look at fabric
6. continue looking
7. touch the fabric
8. love the fabric
9. pull the fabric out
10. smooth any wrinkles
11. walk to cutting counter
12. leaving the store

Oh dear fabric bag fell on the floor

Jackie said...

You have such a pretty stash! Would love to see pics of your organization. I find quilting to be a messy business - at least that is how it ends up for me.

I see nothing wrong with being an addict! :)

quiltmom said...

I can think of worse addictions than collecting fabric but I know how you feel- I can't imagine that it would be possible for me to use even a good portion of my stash.Still, it does give me pleasure to visit the fabric store and buy new pieces for my collection...VBG
I figure I am contributing to the economy and if it gets bad, I will be able to quilt for a long time yet....
Thanks for coming to my blog and for your kind words. Do come and visit again soon.