Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bathing Beauties

The weather co-operated and we had Stitch N Chat Chat N Eat outside today. Here are the ladies chatting:

Left to right Lee, Janet, Doreen & Bev. I neglected to get a picture of the others eating! See those eight feet in the pool - that is the most this pool has been used in 2 years! Just this past week we spent $500 for a new filter and yesterday another $500 for repairs to the gas heater. We call it the big hole in the backyard we pour money into. After writing the cheques for these repairs, both Leo & I have decided we will use it this year - but don't hold your breath for pictures!

I had a nice dinner tonight with some girlfriends. We try and get together a couple of times a year, but although I saw two of them at our Anniversary party, I haven't seen the other two for almost a year. We set up a bi-monthly dinner schedule in an attempt to keep in better touch.

You might notice I'm writing this at 12:25 A.M. I wish I could be like Mary and be productive on the nights I can't sleep, but I'm just groggy enough to probably screw up anything I might attempt to do. I'm back on some heavy duty pills AGAIN - and my all time favourite - prednisone. It's 'just' my asthma but I told the Dr. today that if it isn't any better when I see him again tomorrow, to get the gun ready. Enough is enough. I've spent hours reading everything I can find about asthma - triggers, treatment, prevention and unless I want to join John Travolta in that glass bubble, there isn't much I can do that I'm not doing already.

Ben had a ball today - literally - he had 9 people willing to throw the ball for him and throw it they did. Of course why wouldn't they - he thinks they all came just to see him!


Mary said...

I'm up too but not being too productive tonight....just called Adam even though it's an hour later on the east coast because he hasn't been answering my emails and a MOM can only worry so long....

Hope you get some sleep!

Suzan said...

I know how terrible you feel when you just cannot sleep. Hopefully you finally did!

SandyQuilts said...

Girl if I lived close to you I'd give the pool a real workout. I'd also conduct swim team training for my GC at YOUR pool. Ben would go crazy with all that playing. Does Ben like to swim?

MISS you girl.

SandyQuilts said...

Forgot to say ... I use to be able to stay up all hours. Since I started excising at the YMCA (6:15AM) I'm lucky to be awake at 10PM. He He