Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Almost Hump Day

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of quilting information that is now available to us online? It seems that not only stores, but magazines, forums and blog rings are all vying for our attention - and our dollar. It no longer seems enough just to subscribe to a magazine - now they want us to join their 'special' club for even more information and savings.

I admit I spend a lot of time on the computer. If I spent half as much time sewing as I do surfing, I'd get a lot more accomplished, but there is only so much information you can absorb. There are now quilting videos on You Tube - some of them just teasers to get you to buy the actual DVD.

My inbox is full of quilt store specials and blog ring deals. Yes, it's my own fault for signing up for some of these e-mails, and on a good day I delete them without even reading them. Sometimes, though, I am tempted by all the 'great deals' offered to me.

I'm not going anywhere with this, it's merely an observation.

On the work front - two days down and three to go. I've talked to Leo every day and he is feeling fine and enjoying the fishing. Nothing could appeal to me less than being out in the middle of nowhere, freezing my butt off surrounded by bugs, but if it makes him happy, that's all that matters.


Nadine said...

Hi Irene, I'm with you on both of these things! I tend to unsubscribe from mailing lists, because I don't really shop unless I need something anyway (mostly), so random sales don't get me to buy. But the other stuff! Blogs is my limit really, but there are plenty of those!

And as for the fishing! Oy! Not my thing at all, but my husband would be lovin' it if he was out there too. What IS it with these guys? Gluttons for punishment, I tell ya! Like you say, if it makes him happy... :)

Betweens said...

Blue rover is gorgeous you did a great quilting job on it.. and it is a big quilt!!
Yes you are right online there is lots and lots. I have to limit myself and think of all the projects I have to get done!! but all the blogs are so much fun to read. I go in spurts I read a bunch then get my incentive going with all the lovely pics and tales and get my own mojo going to make things to share.. It is a giant show and share bonanza!!
The stores I delete, delete, delete..have to I have no more room in the inn..LOL

Deb said...

Glad Leo is enjoying his trip..doesn't appeal to me either, but then "to each his own" At least you didn't have to go along!

quiltmom said...

HI Irene,
There sure are lots of shops on line- and my blog list keeps growing - most of the shops, I am able to resist but every now and again I am tempted by the things I see- I do love the blogs- I have met lots of really interesting and lovely people , like yourself,through the blogs. It sure has made this world alot closer now.

We took Dusty for her hair cut- She looks alot less mottley than she did before- Hope Ben enjoyed his visit to Mrs Paws- and that the bedhead look is gone.. It makes me laugh when my husband takes her to the groomer. My husband can get two haircuts for the price we pay the dog groomer. A girl's haircut is always more expensive than a boys :-)
Be well,