Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Inspiration and imagination have flown out my window, along with what little energy I had. I did absolutely nothing yesterday. I'm gearing up to work full time this week and I can't imagine right now making it through the week. Details on my pity party will follow :-)

I got up this morning determined to do something, and when all else fails, make a strippy quilt. It is mindless cutting and sewing and goes together so quickly.

It looks rather disjointed in this picture but it doesn't appear that way in the flesh. I have enough strips left to make another one, so maybe I'll get that put together this afternoon - if I can stay off the Scrabble board long enough to do it.

Leo left yesterday for a 10 day fishing trip. He used to travel a lot for his job, so I was used to him being away, but things are different now and I'll worry myself sick the whole time he's gone, especially since he is out of cell phone range in the middle of nowhere. He did get the O.K. from his doctors, so I have to hope that they know what they are doing.

Somebody needs a visit from Mrs. Paws.

She is coming on Wednesday and then he will be handsome and debonair once again. Right now, he just looks like he has bed head!


Mary said...

I'm having a lazy weekend too but I'm about to head upstairs to work.

Keith travels too and left this morning...I understand that you're worried but I'm sure getting out and doing things he wants is good for Leo.

Rian said...

Creativity and energy come and go, ebb and flow. I really like that strippy quilt--I'm looking for inspiration for my next quilt (for the guest room bed) and I'm so bored with the geometric 5x7 squares look, and the turning twenty types of quilts aren't visually appealing enough --the strips are very eye-catching!

Jim used to travel with his job, I kind of miss that. I enjoyed having the house to myself and it was nice to welcome him back home.