Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boxed Squares & Fish

I haven't spent a lot of time sewing the last couple of days, but I did get all my boxed squares put together. Now I can either spend countless hours arranging and rearranging them, or I can just sew them together the way they are. I really need to do something about that guitar border - it's been there so long I don't even notice it anymore.

Leo got home safely last night and had a wonderful time. He brought some trout (yuck) and pickerel (yum) all nicely filleted.

He was near a place called White River which is the original home of Winnie the Pooh. I guess Winnie came from White River before he was taken to Winnipeg where he got his name. This is the statue paying homage to Winnie - what a cheesy statue - looks like something you'd find in a McDonalds!

I have no idea what kind of fish this is, but apparently it's quite the catch!

Here are Leo & Steve showing off their quota.

Then, we have the best picture he took of his trip. This is Cocoa who lived in the lodge they stayed at.

She's much cuter than any old fish pictures!


Joan said...

Your boxed squares are gorgeous! But I did notice two with the same outer fabric really close together...honest! :-)

Vicki W said...

Love the boxed squares! I also love it when fresh fish or game arrives home already cleaned and ready to cook. I never clean it but I also don't like to see it being cleaned. I like it to look like it was grocery wrapped!

Jackie said...

Looks like a very productive fishing trip! I agree - Cocoa is much cuter than any picture of fish!

Mary said...

I spend just a little time arranging and then start sewing. Seems like the longer I spend arranging the more likely I am to mix blocks up when I'm piecing the top.