Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What A Weekend!

In my last post on Friday I mentioned we were going to a wedding the next day. Well, Friday night I got sick - really sick - and kept both Gravol and Imodium in business for the next several days. I know, too much information!

The wedding was in Niagara Falls and I've known Andy, the groom, all his life. How could I not attend his wedding? Somehow I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and passed out in the car while Leo drove. I actually stayed in the car until just before the ceremony, attended the ceremony, then went back to the car to pass out again. I wanted Leo to stay for the dinner and I would just stay in the car, but everyone insisted he take me home. It was a beautiful wedding - what small part I saw, and here is a picture of the happy couple, along with my darling adopted granddaughters who were the flower girl and junior bridesmaid (it was their Uncle who got married).

This tin man statue really caught my eye - flowers and all!

Now, what I didn't tell you was that on Sunday our family had invited us to a country inn for brunch to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. When we got home from the wedding, Leo talked to Sandra and told her I was sick, but no offers were made to cancel the brunch or change the date. This made me slightly suspicious but I thought that perhaps they had invited another couple to join us.

So Sunday morning I drag myself out of bed again and try and look presentable for brunch. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat a thing, but somehow I just knew it was important that I be there. When we got to Sandra & Darren's, I was overwhelmed to find all our family and dearest friends there to surprise us.

This is Trudy, my matron of honour and her husband Lou and below is Shirley, my bridesmaid and her husband Gary.

Sandra & Darren did the most amazing job and I was so proud of them both and what they had done for us. They had the brunch catered and while I couldn't eat anything, I was told everything was yummy, including the made to order omlettes.

Check out the cake!

I really hate to post this picture as I look awful - there wasn't enough make-up in the world that would put colour in my cheeks that day and I didn't have the energy to put any on anyway. Here we are - 35 years later - where did the time go?


Mary said...

Are you feeling better??

Happy Anniversary! I felt great making it to 20 in April so I know what an accomplishment 35 is.

Suzan said...

Sorry you were feeling so miserable but what a lovely surprise!

SandyQuilts said...

Happy Anniversary. Say where's my piece of cake? The cake is too sweet. Sandra is definitely a super daughter and of course Darren is a super duper son-in-law.

Hope you're feeling better ...

Nadine said...

How wonderful and sweet! I'm so bummed for poor you though, being sick through the whole thing... :( I hope you're feeling much better!

Judi said...

Happy Belated Anniversary Wishes
You had such a rough weekend...isn't that awful when it happens when you have fun things planned. YOu were such a good sport to go anyway...and what a lovely anniversary party too.
thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better by now and I hope you were able to enjoy yourself a little bit. I think you look great!

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fantastic surprise for you!

I hope you're feeling 100%!

Bunny said...

Happy Anniversary, sorry you did not feel well at the wedding. It is so hard to celebrate when you feel like crawling into bed. I am sure they appreciated your attendance.