Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Boring

Now that I’ve used up all my good blogging material, it’s back to the boring old stuff that I make.

A few years ago everyone was making chenille scarves from flannel.  I tried several, but didn’t have any success, mainly because the cutter I was using (I believe it was a Clover) was the next best thing to useless.  I bought an Olfa chenille cutter in Houston and what a difference a tool makes.


This works like a charm and is so easy to use.  That being said, however, I wasn’t too thrilled with the finished product.  I got the pattern from an old Fonz & Porter magazine but I think the scarf is much too short and it isn’t as soft or flexible as I’d like.

Scarf 004

At least I can finally say I’ve made one – and only about 5 years after everyone else! 

Last week my girlfriend and I visited my favourite quilt shop in this area – Gone to Pieces.  They had a cute little bag pattern that only uses 10 – 1 1/2” strips and a small amount of fusible fleece or batting.

Cosmetic Bag 001

It is fully lined and very easy to make.

Cosmetic Bag 003

Something else I bought in Houston was a Cotton Theory book. 

Cotton Theory

I watched the demo and got completely sucked in – as usual.  The quilts at their booth were gorgeous and the ‘theory’ is they are all reversible.  There is a lot of cutting involved as you have to cut your top, your back and your batting as you are quilting as you go.  I’ve spent pretty much all day on this (other than a few turns of Scrabble on Facebook), and so far have only two placemats done.  I made one first to make sure I knew what I was doing, and just finished the second one.  I still have to bind them and I have 2 more cut so I’ll get some pictures when they are finished.

It was my baby’s birthday on Wednesday – he turned 8.  I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since we brought this tiny little furball home that fit in the palm of my hand.

Mickey Ben

Here he is in his Halloween costume!


Deb said...

Oh Irene, you aren't the only one who buys nearly everything that comes along...I do too.

Happy Birthday Ben! Such a cutie pie!

Rian said...

So you dressed Ben in drag for his birthday? How'd that go?

Riley is 8 also. Every year I promise him a party with cake and funny hats and every year I forget.

Anonymous said...

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Mary said...

Oh he's so cute. Chesty and Ben are the same age although Chesty is a few months older as his birthday is in June.