Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Idol

One of my few many complaints over the years has been that Leo never plans anything – vacations, dinners, weekends, etc.  Whenever we do anything, I’m always the one who makes all the plans, then when he doesn’t like the hotel I’ve picked, or the restaurant I’ve chosen, he can blame it all on me.

I recently found out that Bon Jovi were coming to Toronto in July and mentioned that I would love to go and see them.  Well, my dear husband found out they were also playing in Vegas in March and thought it would be a great idea for us to go and see them there.

Jon Bon Jovi

I only found out about this accidentally as he was planning to surprise me, but it turns out the week he was planning to go to Vegas is also the same week I was planning to go back to Texas to visit Ann.

I convinced him that it would be much better to see Bon Jovi in Toronto and then we could go to Vegas whenever we found a good deal and weren’t tied into any set dates.  See, the poor guy can’t win.

I LOVE Jon Bon Jovi.  He brings a smile to my face every time I look at him and I love his music.  Even though he falls into my ‘short man’ profile, I still love him.  What, you ask, is my ‘short man’ profile?  I have this theory that most short men try and make up for their lack of height by being overly aggressive.  Of course, if your husband is short, I’m not talking about him.

This is just a generalization that I’ve found to usually be true – especially in the workplace.

It’s kind of like my ‘life is too short to read sh** theory’.  No matter how bad a book was, I always read the whole thing.  Then one day I came up with my life is too short theory and I’ve been a much happier person ever since.  I give a book 50 pages and if it hasn’t grabbed me by then, it goes back to the library.


shannon said...

i totally concur on your 'short guy' theory.

my expirence has been the same...they feel they have to make up for something...most tend to be aggressive/brutish...i have drawn the same conclusion about police officers. they can't turn the authority complex off when they are out of uniform...nope, never again...

that's why i'm engaged to a 6'2" good ole country man...i can wear heels and still i'm shorter than him, yeah!

Jackie said...

You picked a rather fine photo of John Bon Jovi!

I had NO IDEA he was short!