Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I’m back from a Quilting Retreat and I had a great time. Not only did I get a lot accomplished, but I got to spend some quality time with old friends and new friends.

Before I left, I stitched out two more mylar embroidery designs for Sandra:

Mylar Hippo 004

Mylar Penguin 003

At retreat on Friday, I got 6 of these done:

Retreat November 2009 002

Saturday, I spent the whole day on this bag.

Retreat November 2009 003

I still have a button to sew on the front pocket, then it’s done!

Yesterday I got this Bali Pop cut out:

Retreat November 2009 007

and ready to make this:

Retreat November 2009 009

Both of the snowmen applique patterns and the Quilter’s Harvest pattern came from my favourite local quilt store, Gone to Pieces.

When I was tired of sewing, I worked on this scarf which is almost finished:

Retreat November 2009 006

To top it all off, when I got home yesterday I unpacked everything and put it all away, unlike what I usually do which is dump it all on my sewing table and close the door!

Now I need to concentrate on some Christmas shopping. As much as I’ve whined and complained, as far as I know, Christmas still hasn’t been cancelled this year.

Leo’s gone to Montreal for a couple of days so I can cross off making dinner from my list!


quiltmom said...

Great scarf and a beautiful pattern that you are making with the Bali Pop fabrics. How big is the quilt when it is finished?

It sounds like you had a great weekend. Good luck with your Christmas shopping.
Warmest regards,

Bunny said...

Sure sounds like you had fun. Love the bag you made and the stitch outs are too cute. I have to get back to my machine and finish that Orange Peel quilt. I want to start another but I have to finish that one first LOL.

Mary said...

Everything looks lovely! The scarf especially looks nice and warm but open enough to drape well -- always a challenge I think to have both warmth and a nice drape.