Sunday, November 15, 2009

It’s Done…And So Am I

Clean Sewing Room 001Every piece of fabric is folded and scraps are all in the bins with the blue lids.

Clean Sewing Room 003

Fat Quarters have all been pressed and folded and are in their own containers.

Clean Sewing Room 004

The drawers in my rolling storage units have all been cleaned out and sorted.  We have jelly rolls, Bali Pops and Charm Squares

Clean Sewing Room 005

Then we have another drawer with kits:

Clean Sewing Room 006

There isn’t a scrap of fabric left on my table:

Clean Sewing Room 008 Everything has been cleaned and sorted:

Clean Sewing Room 002

These bins contain all my scraps.  Novelty fabrics and panels have their own bins, along with Christmas fabrics and flannel.  All my Batik Fat Quarters are also in their own bin.Clean Sewing Room 007

These bins contain fabric that was purchased for a specific project – actually there is a lot of that on the shelves too, but I’ve had it so long I forgot what project I was going to use it on.

Clean Sewing Room 009

It occurred to me that after looking at the mess I had in this room, you might wonder what the rest of my house looks like.  Oddly enough, it’s fairly clean and tidy.  You could eat off my floors – Ben does it all the time :-)

I haven’t been very productive lately and I really believe the mess in this room was part of the problem.  I had piles everywhere and nowhere to put anything.  All the stuff I bought in Houston was just piled on my table and it was really getting me down.  Now I have no excuse.

The one thing I haven’t tackled yet is the magazines.  I’m going to have to give in and put them on my bookcase downstairs in my longarm room as there just isn’t anywhere in this tiny room left to store them. 

I am NEVER going to do this again.  I am determined to keep it tidy and put things away when I’m finished with them…..honest.


Deb said...

WOW! I'm impressed! Wanna come do mine? Pretty please?

SandyQuilts said...

I'm impressed ... only took you 2 days.

It's been almost a year since my week long redo ....
I'm still pretty neat except for the cutting table. That space needs clearing off.


Bunny said...

Wow must feel great to get all organized. I now know where to go when the quilt shops are cloesd. I also have been busy cleaning out closets etc. We are putting a bathroom in our basement where I had two closets for clothes, bins of fabric etc. I got rid of 9 bags of clothes and lots of bags of fabric that I would never use and also went through magazines and have a pile to give away. Still have lots to get rid of, nice that a neighbour had a dumpster he rented and said to us if you have anything to get rid of go ahead. We put so much in it that we thought we better give him some money because I am sure we put at least a ton of stuff.LOL.. Enjoy your new space

Vicki W said...

It looks great! I need to do the same with my room.

quiltmom said...

The room looks really terrific- Irene, you did such a fabulous job of it. We did get rid of lots of stuff from the basement and made reasonable progress down there. We have lived in our house since 1981 so there was a lot of time to gather stuff.
It does feel somewhat better where you can actually see floor instead of just stuff. Bruce will continue to work through the boxes of papers and shred as necessary. It really is quite a process to get rid of things.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful space. I am sure you will be able to create many wonderful things in such an inspiring environment.
Warmest regards,

Rian said...

Yaaaay! It looks great! I love organized spaces. Are your creative juices fired up yet?

Betweens said...

I have been organized over and over again.. once you start a new project..once you go on a great fabric sale..then you start running otta room.. but I can help you with that.. can I come over and play!!
LOL looks great!! and so well organized you will never want to leave this room.. but then you have a LA machine.. LOL

Jackie said...

Your sewing space is fantastic! I'm sure you're thrilled to have it all organized and I'm thrilled to see pictures of where you sew. What cabinet is your machine on?

I must confess, I keep scrolling to relook at your delicious photo of Bon Jovi.

Joan said...

It looks fabulous! I still can't believe how much fabric you have! I want to come and play in your stash. Have you started a new project?

Nancy Nigh said...

What a great sewing room Irene!