Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Finishes of 2008

They were both UFOs too, so that makes me feel even better! I bought a jellyroll of batiks when I attended a quilting retreat in Arizona 3 years ago and put this simple top together at least a year ago. This is the one I used the King Tut variegated on and it quilted like a dream on Tillie.

Sometimes I just feel like mindless sewing and these two quilts filled the bill. No points to worry about, just relaxing sewing. I do enjoy a challenge, but not all the time, and when I really want to see some quick results, these are the types of quilts I turn to.

I am also extremely proud and happy with this:

Look at all the blooms on that azalea! When Leo was ill last year, this is one of the plants he received. I should probably preface this by telling you I do NOT have a green thumb - Leo's the gardener in this family. I have never had any luck getting an azalea to bloom again, in fact, I told Leo he should just take the azalea out of the arrangement as it would probably just drop all it's leaves and look pitiful after it had been in my care for a while. I stuck it on the window seat in our bedroom and about once a month I put it in the bathtub and gave it a good shower with the hand nozzle. I was in shock two weeks ago when I saw all the blooms appear. I figure another couple of days and it should be in full bloom. Stay tuned for more pictures!


Deb said...

The quilts look great! And the azalea...that really makes me homesick! Too hot for them here.

Dorothy said...

Ooooh, lots of pretties! Your quilting looks like a pro already, and that azalea is a nice splash of colour in this c-c-c-cold.