Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Wheels Turn Slowly

But they do turn. I had hoped to be a bit further along with this by now, but life, and that little thing called 'work', often get in the way of my quilting.

The next step is sewing all the ric rack on and piecing the backing - which you know is my least favourite job.

We continued the search for 'the dress' yesterday and went stateside. I was amazed at the difference in prices - our prices here are almost 50% more and with our dollar on par, it makes buying in Buffalo much more appealing if, of course, we could find 'the one'.

Remember last weekend I told you my baby was being very clingy? Well, he had another reoccurrance of his disc problem in his back this week and I had to take him for another cortisone shot on Thursday. He was in so much pain it broke my heart to see him but the shot and the pills seem to have an immediate effect and he is feeling much better. Is is supposed to be on 'restricted activity' for at least two weeks - just try slowing down the energizer dog! It isn't easy, but we are trying.

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SandyQuilts said...

Your quilt is turning out so pretty .... I love it.