Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello Gorgeous!

Even Ms. Streisand would have to agree that this is, indeed, gorgeous!

It certainly is a spark of colour on this freezing cold January day - and what better colour than pink!

We started the search for 'the dress' on Friday for Sandra & Darren's wedding in November. She doesn't want a strapless dress and therein lies the problem. Even the largest bridal salons in Toronto only carry about half a dozen dresses that aren't strapless. I was told it is because ANYONE can wear a strapless dress and they are flattering. I disagree, especially when you see so many brides spending the evening hiking up their bodices.

I know her dress is out there, we just have to be patient until we find it.

Mr. Benjamin has been very clingy lately and would like to spend most of the day either on my lap or chasing his ball. It adds a whole new challenge trying to type with a dog on your lap and sewing is even more challenging.

I just plunked him on the chair to get this post finished - but how can I resist that face? We're off to cuddle some more.

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