Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amazing What You Can Find

If you look hard enough. I just knew that piano keys wouldn't look right and Mary suggested using a pieced border like this one. I like that idea a lot better than piano keys, but determined not to be beaten on this, I went digging in my stash again and found this:

Then pinned it to the top:

Looks great from a distance, but, my question to you is this - are the leaves too feminine? Are they just another version of florals or could they be used for a masculine quilt? I don't usually struggle this much with fabric choices but for some reason, I'm having a really hard time with this one. Tell me what you honestly think - I can take it!


Mary said...

I know I already gave you my 2 cents worth but I don't think this fabric looks girly.

Deb said...

Doesn't look girly to me!

Rian said...

I can see why you think this fabric is feminine, but when you look at it juxtaposed with the other fabrics, it doesn't come off that way. I do like the pieced border idea from Mary. I think it looks nice.

Bunny said...

Hi I I think it is wonderful, love that quilt and the border is great with it. We live in the same town.