Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Give Up

I've just spent way too much time trying to get a picture in my header. When I crop it to 750 x 220 as Mary suggested, it is a tiny little image in the top left hand corner. If I leave it alone, it takes up half the page. I cropped it in Photobucket then copied the HTML code and got nothing. Then I saved the cropped picture to my computer and tried to upload it that way. This is when I got the tiny picture. So, I give up - at least for tonight or until someone can give me more suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong.

So, in lieu of a picture in my header, I'll stick one in here as I can't have two posts in a row without a picture.

Anyone know what this is? We didn't when we saw field after field of it in Prince Edward Island. We stopped and asked and it's canola. From a distance we thought there was some kind of plastic covering over the fields as it is so vibrant. Maybe I'll have to name my next yellow quilt "Canola".

1 comment:

Rian said...

Canola--very interesting. I would have guessed hops.