Friday, June 20, 2008

Simply Squares

I offered to quilt a top for my girlfriend - she works full time and puts in horrendous hours - so it was the least I could do to help her. We both took a class, probably about 4 or more years ago when we both started quilting, called 'Simply Squares' . You sew squares together in a row, then make a couple of cuts across the quilt top, resew them and you have your squares on point.

Here's how it turned out:

It looks Christmasy in this picture, but it really isn't in person. I hope she likes it as it makes me very nervous doing something for someone else. I used the Frisky Feathers panto and Superior's Sew Fine in both the top and bobbin. My top from the same class is on my "to be quilted" rack downstairs - one of these days...

I had a bit of a problem with Tillie today but I can't say enough good things about the people at APQS. My stitch length gauge wasn't working from the back of the machine so they are going to overnight a replacement to me under warranty. Of course, overnight to Canada usually takes a week. I can still set it at the front though, so it isn't a huge deal waiting. Truth be told, I have a feeling it might have been my own fault as we have had so many storms here lately with power outages and I don't always remember to unplug Tillie when I'm not using her - but don't tell anyone!

I'm off to get changed as I'm meeting my girlfriend for dinner when she finishes work and I can take her quilt with me.


Mary said...

Very pretty - that's one of my favorite pantographs.

Deb said...

Very pretty Irene! Hope your machine gets back to normal soon. Glad it is an easy fix.

Rian said...

Love the panto. And the quilt, I stayed in a lodge once--gee, I guess it was in Canada (western) now that I think about it--and there was a quilt very similar to this one on the bed in tans, reds, and greens. It was very nice.