Thursday, June 19, 2008

Green Light

Thanks for all your comments on my dilemma. I'm going with the green leaves and I have just enough to get 4 1/2" borders out of that piece of fabric. Here's another question - when you piece your larger borders, do you cut them on the diagonal or do you join them end to end. I always join them diagonally, but since I'm really tight on this fabric, I may have to join them end to end as it wouldn't waste as much fabric. Enquiring minds want to know - what do you do?

I was supposed to have dinner with my sister in law and Sandra in Toronto tonight, but Sandra has caught some bug and went home from work sick, so we've postponed it. I was really looking forward to it too :-(

I'm planning a quilt-a-thon this weekend. Leo is going on one of his annual fishing trips which the guys were kind enough to postpone until he was feeling up to going. I'm a bit nervous about him doing his own injections and dressings, but I have made him promise he'll call me every day just so I know he's O.K.

Ben and I have some good movies lined up and I'm hoping to give Tillie a good work out.


Nadine said...

When I piece long borders, it depends on the fabric print whether I use a diagonal seam or straight one. I fold the fabrics and do a test of the fold each way to see what looks better, but in general, the printed fabrics get diagonal seams and tone-on-tones get straight ones.

Have fun this weekend! I'm jealous!

Mary said...

I started piecing my borders with a straight seam after reading that on a larger border a diagonal seam is more noticeable.

So for inner borders I do diagonal and outer I do straight except that I usually try to cut my borders in one piece from the length of my fabric.

Rian said...

End to end. I never thought to do it on the diagonal, although I do miter the corners. When the quilting is in you don't notice the seam, so make your life easy.

Joan said...

I almost always do them straight....I'm kinda stingy when it comes to fabric and I figure piecing on the diagonal wastes fabric! :-) I agree with Mary too, on a large border the diagonal seem might be more obvious.