Monday, June 30, 2008

Be Still My Heart

I'm in trouble - big trouble. I swore I'd never do another McKenna Ryan quilt. I did her Storybook Farm quilt which is hanging in our family room

and that little sucker cost me about $800 by the time I was finished. I paid to have it quilted (I didn't have Tillie then) but even if I did, I don't know if I'd want to quilt one of these. They are a royal PITA as you have to stitch down every raw edge - and there are lots!

But, I digress....I just got the newsletter from my local quilt shop and I saw this:

McKenna's newest series. What can I say - I'm in love. I think someone is going to have to sit on me or take away my credit card - no, that won't work - I have the number memorized, or somehow talk me out of doing this. I love the way it's done like tiles and I'm assuming it could be stretched over bars, similar to the method Tommy uses for all her art quilts.

I worked some more on my blue quilt today and here is a picture of where I'm going with it:

I did get all 200 of the 'star points' sewn but just had to lay one block out to see how it's going to look.

Sandra and Darren are house hunting. She is finally going to leave the big city - which she is NOT looking forward to, but I am counting the days. Every day on the news there is another drive by shooting or a pedestrian killed by a hit and run driver. I know there's no guarantee that it might not happen here, but the chances are much slimmer.

Darren currently lives in the suburbs so they are looking for a house in Oakville. I met Darren after work tonight to look at a house that was just listed. Since it isn't easy for Sandra to come out here after work, between the two of us we have a pretty good idea of what she wants so we checked it out. It's really sad what your money buys you these days. I don't think they are in for an easy time especially since 'The Princess' as her Dad calls her, is very picky. If they still get married at the end of this house search, then they truly do have a match made in heaven.


Suzan said...

I had not seen her new patterns until just now and I am sorry that I did! I have done 2 of hers and the second one made me crazy. I have never finished it and threw it in the back of my sewing cabinet. All that being said, this one is very different and beautiful. I think I must have it also!!

Rian said...

That's an exceptional pattern. I am not good for talking people out of things, my modus operandi is to talk you into buying it! That said, you must, you absolutely must! It's too beautiful. (I've always been an instigator...)