Friday, March 7, 2008

Adding to My Stash.....Again

While I read so many blogs about stash reduction, I haven't quite got the concept yet. Yesterday Lee (my new best friend - wink) and I travelled back down to Buffalo to the little quilt store with the $3/yard fabric. The devil made me do it - I just couldn't stay away and what better opportunity to pick up quality fabric at bargain prices. We certainly did our best to help reduce her inventory - after all, the owner is elderly and retiring and we wouldn't want her to have too much fabric to move when she closes.

We had a fun day and visited all the quilt stores in the area as well as Joann's, then attended the Quilt Guild meeting last night. I found out that our guild is the third largest quilt guild in Ontario - I'm not sure which ones are first and second, but I would guess Waterloo is one of them.

My screensaver plays a slideshow of all the pictures stored on my computer, and this one caught my eye today:

This picture was taken in April of 2006 after I had just tidied up my stash. This is what that same area looks like almost two years later:

It is full to overflowing and there is no way I can make it any tidier as there just isn't enough room.

See those plastic drawers - I have 4 more of them all full. The blue bag in the picture on the right is the fabric I bought yesterday. The round hatboxes are full of scraps and charm squares.

I could move some of this stuff downstairs to my longarm room, but I like it all together where it is easily accessible when I'm sewing. I try to keep only my longarm supplies downstairs.

How does the wording go again.....Hello, my name is Irene and I am a quiltaholic.

Guess what arrived today - my iPod. They actually tried to deliver it yesterday, but there was nobody here to sign for it. It amazes me that I can get something from China faster than I can get a letter from Toronto.

Just in case you were wondering - it's snowing again and they are forecasting 50 cm before Sunday. Since my mind still works in inches, Leo tells me that's about 20 inches. I still think in Fahrenheit too - must be an age thing or maybe I just don't like change. Anyway, no matter if it's 50 cm or 20 inches, it's just TOO MUCH SNOW!

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SandyQuilts said...

I'm expecting a full report on the iPod thing ... I'm challenged.

Quilt Guild canceled due to sleet and then snow on top. Bummer.

Maybe I should clean house, do laundry and cook something for dinner ... NOT ... off to play.