Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More Snow

Enough already! We had MORE snow again last night and this morning and everyone around here is getting pretty sick of it. We've certainly had more than our share of cold temperatures and snow this winter and I, for one, am ready to see the daffodils and tulips in bloom.

My iPod shipped on Monday and while they promised shipment within 1 - 2 days, they don't promise delivery for 7 - 10 days. Silly me, I was assuming it would ship from Toronto, or Vancouver, or even Montreal, but no - it shipped from Shanghai! I don't know why this surprises me as almost everything we buy these days comes from China but that's a whole other rant that I won't get into here.

I just read on MSN's home page that black dogs face discrimination as they are often the last to be adopted from animal shelters. Who thinks this stuff up? How could anyone who loves animals care what colour of coat a dog has? We've had three dogs during the last 34 years and all three of them have been black. How could anyone discriminate against this little face?

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SandyQuilts said...

It's the small print you have to read. Gosh I hope your iPod doesn't come from a toy factory using lead. LOL (sorry I couldn't resist).

Ben who could ignore him .... he's so handsome. I'm gonna fix him up with our Tippy ... the spit fire.