Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can I Finish Something?

July 28th - that was the last time I posted a finished project on Webshots - how pathetic is that! I intend to remedy that this weekend. I'm off for the next 5 days with no commitments (YAY) and I plan to give Tillie a workout to get some tops finished. Heaven knows I have lots of tops to pick from - there must be at least a dozen on my rack downstairs patiently waiting. I think they have probably 'aged' enough by now.

Grey's Anatomy is getting it's last shot tonight. If it doesn't get any better, it's being deleted from my DVR. How can a show that used to be so good, get so bad? It used to be my favourite, but has now been replaced with Brothers & Sisters. I think Sally Field is so well cast in this show - she does an amazing job.

I'm off to a Guild Executive meeting tonight then tomorrow the quilting marathon begins. Stay tuned for (hopefully) lots of finishes.


Suzan said...

I cannot give up "Grey's Anatomy" - that show, "Brothers & Sisters" and "Saving Grace" are my guilty pleasures. I know that GA really was pretty crappy last year but I think they are really trying to turn it around. I hope so but I will keep watching until they take it off the air - or until they kill of McDreamy!

Corinna said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks GA is going down the drain. I stopped watching it last season when it was getting so Soap Opera-y I couldn't stand it anymore. That and I'll never forgive them for killing off Denny. :o( I loved him!
Anyways have fun getting things finished. I have a to do list this weekend too. Unfortunetly mine has a few unquilty things on it like mowing the lawn one last time and putting new weather stripping around the door.