Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Can't Be Wednesday Already?

Aren't these little boxes darling?

Since Sandra is a very girly girl, I thought they were perfect for the little thank you gift (filled with chocolates) for those attending her shower.

This shower was hosted by my Aunt and was for all my girlfriends and Leo's sisters. Since I am an only child, other than Leo and the kids (and my baby, of course), my family consists of my Mum and Aunt. Family reunions can take place in our kitchen. I think everyone had a good time - the food was yummy and the strawberry & cream cake topped everything off nicely.

This came from the bakery that did the engagement cake last year that was such a big hit and they will also be doing the wedding cake.

Once again, she got some beautiful gifts - I've got the best friends! Sandra got to wear another great hat - Lorie did a terrific job on it. I think she looks like Little Bo Peep.

Yesterday my Stitch Group got together for a sew day. Jean was working on this:

This wasn't the finished layout - she did lots of rearranging.

I worked on this:

I just have 4 more half blocks to do, then I can sew the rows together. After that, the fun starts when I have to remove all the paper. It's done on vellum, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad. I had hoped to get this finished yesterday, but I had a bit of a distraction.

This is Jake, Doreen's little dog - all 5 lbs. of him and he spent a lot of time sitting on my knee getting cuddled. Too bad Ben doesn't like other dogs or they could have had a play date.

After sewing all day, I headed off to bowling. It was a really exciting night as Ursula and I decided last week to order our own bowling balls. I'm sure my average will at least double now that I have such a great looking ball. I had to go back tonight to get it drilled, so I'm all set.

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rianammerman said...

Glad to see things have smoothed out and the shower is behind you. Neat cake, and the bride is lovely.