Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Getting There

This is what my sewing table looked like around 11 A.M. this morning.

I took everything that was stacked on the floor and crammed onto my shelves and dumped it all on my table. What a mess, but I knew if I put it on my table it would force me to clean it up.

I sorted through the fabric on my shelves and tried to organize it as best I could with the limited amount of space available. While this doesn't look too bad, what you can't see is 6 plastic drawer units with 3 drawers each full of the 'overflow'. I cannot buy one more book as I just don't have any more room on these shelves. I put all my longarm books downstairs with Tillie to make more room - and still it isn't enough. What I need to do is get rid of some of the books I don't like and never will.

Here's what my table looks like right now:

I'm not quite finished, but it looks a whole lot better than it did a few hours ago. I went to Staples and bought more binders and page protectors. I have a binder full of things I've printed off and loose patterns, but that binder was full to overflowing so I bought another one - and one for embroidery colour chart print outs. I have a few more pages to file then that job will be done.

I sorted all my magazines and arranged them by date. I discovered that not only do I buy books twice, but I also buy the same magazine twice. How sick is that?

I have a pile of things I no longer want and when I get more ambitious I'll list them and see if anyone could use them. You know what they say - one woman's junk is another woman's treasure!


Mary said...

When we moved almost 2 years ago, I pulled a bunch of quilt books to donate - gradually over the couple weeks before the move, I kept pulling one by one BACK from the *to be donated* stack until there was just one small stack of books. I was afraid there'd be some little inspiration that I might miss out if I donated all of them.

Rian said...

Wow! What a difference! I had boxes of quilting magazines--I went through them all and tore out the articles I wanted to keep and put the rest into the recycle bin. I punched holes in the keepers and put them in a loose-leaf binder. I'll probably never look at the articles I saved...

Jackie said...

You sure have some yummy fabric! As a beginner quilter, I am really looking forward to having your "problem"! :)