Thursday, October 23, 2008

Working on my PHD - Projects Half Done

You'll be glad to hear I didn't have to kill anyone today - my car was ready. They did some major sucking up and filled it with gas, washed it and also cleaned the inside. I'm just glad to have it back.

I need to spend some considerable time cleaning up my sewing room. It really is a disaster of major proportions and I can't stand it any longer. For someone who has only been quilting for about 5 years, it's amazing just how much 'stuff' I've accumulated. I have so many books, but books are a real weakness of mine. I love just looking through them, even if I know there are some I'll never make use of.

Then there are the UFOs. I really admire people who make lists of all their projects and know exactly how many UFOs they have. I don't want to know - it would probably be daunting and it's information I can live without.

Let's not forget about the "forever projects". I have at least one of those - a Dresden Plate scrap quilt that needs,I believe, about 140 blocks that finish at 6". It's from this book:

Whoever named this QUICK and Easy should be ashamed of themselves!

I also have another quilt that seems to be turning into a forever project as I keep dragging my heels with it:

It's made with Fossil Fern flannels from a kit I bought off Ebay for a song. Actually, it's more like a "What on earth was I thinking" project - all those curved seams on flannel. No wonder the seller wanted rid of it.

Well, I guess sitting on the computer thinking about cleaning up my room isn't going to get it done. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow and start fresh first thing in the morning... Procrastination isn't always a bad thing!


SandyQuilts said...

Hey let's open a F.O. shop (finished objects). I have at least 100 FO's ... how about you.

Deb said... room is a disaster too! Only I'm not cleaning mine this weekend...too much other stuff to do. Maybe next week???

I hear you on the book too. And I ordered 6 more this past week...a sickness it is. LOL

Suzan said...

I am sure that flannel quilt is a pain because of all the curves but it is beautiful.

I don't even want to think about the number of UFOs I have. I did (briefly) think about compiling a list so that I could have some "check mark" satisfaction but decided it would end up causing me stress and that woudl totally work against the reason that I quilt!

Mary said...

They may not be quick and easy but I love that book - it's one of my favorites!