Saturday, October 4, 2008

Important Announcement

Christmas isn't happening in my life this year! Lately, it seems like every other sentence I utter starts with 'after the wedding...'. Then, someone who used to be my friend, reminded me that after the wedding it would soon be Christmas. I had to use all my restraint not to do her physical harm. So, in an attempt to keep my sanity, I've decided that Christmas just isn't going to happen around here. Christmas is for little ones and since we don't have any of those, we can pass it by this year. I'll give the kids a cheque each and make a donation to a local charity in lieu of other gifts. I'm not kidding!

Sandra had a dress fitting yesterday and we had hair and make-up trials. Tomorrow is the shower.

While my life seems to be going non-stop right now, it doesn't make for interesting blogging. I've noticed a lot of faithful bloggers are taking some time off right now - must be the season. Dorothy is on hiatus, Tommy who usually never misses a day has only posted once since Maggie's wedding last Saturday, and Deb's posts are few and far between.

We're having a sew day on Tuesday and I can hardly wait. My machine won't recognize me and Tillie probably thinks she's been deserted. I'm hoping that on Monday I can pull something together to work on, as a day of piecing sounds like heaven right now.


Mary said...

I can so related - Chris got married right before our move to Minneapolis - in fact, Keith left the day after the wedding.

We just do a donation to charity each year now - the kids don't even get presents although I do send stocking stuffers to Adam since he's alone on the holidays. So much easier and we all have too much stuff anyway.

Rian said...

I called off Christmas entirely in 2006. Too much going on (we moved on December 15). It was okay, everyone survived. No harm one.

Suzan said...

I think you have made a great decision. Way too much stuff going on around you right now. Besides, Christmas shouldn't be about gifts and "stuff". Being with the people you love should suffice!