Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scraps & Shirttails

I got some exciting mail today. Bonnie's new book arrived and I'm looking forward to looking through it tonight.

I glanced quickly through it at lunch and it looks like it won't disappoint. Bonnie has given so much to the quilting community through her website with free patterns, stashbusting tips, mystery quilts, etc. I hope her book is a resounding success - she deserves it!

I haven't ranted about anything for at least a few days - so here it comes. I took my car in for service last Tuesday morning - 9 days ago - and it still isn't fixed. Now this car is just over a year old and only has 15,000 km. (less than 10,000 miles) on it. I took it in for what I thought would be an oil change and was told the cylinder head needed to be replaced. I know absolutely nothing about cars and this didn't mean a thing to me, but I've since learned this is major and requires rebuilding the motor to get the part replaced.

It's covered under warranty so cost isn't an issue. I also have a courtesy rental car so that shouldn't be an issue either - but it is. I'm probably going to end up sounding like the worst kind of snob here, but I'm just trying to tell it like it is. I'm used to a certain standard of luxury in a car. The rental car doesn't even come close. It has power nothing - I think it has been about 20 years since I've driven a car that doesn't have power door locks and windows. The seats are unbelievably uncomfortable and there seems to be a metal piece that protrudes right into my tailbone.

I talked Leo into taking it last Friday so I could have his car for the day and even he complained about the seat - and he doesn't usually care what he drives.

Why is it taking so long to repair? Good question - they tell me it's because of parts availability - some of them have to come from the U.S. and some have to be manufactured. As of today, they are still waiting for some special washers. How special can washers be?

If I don't get it back tomorrow someone is going to get the brunt of my anger - I'm not sure who yet, but they should be scared - very scared. Leo could tell them all about my wrath!

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Rian said...

Look out, repair shop, the wrath of Irene is about to be dropped upon your head!

I'm with ya on the luxury...I am from BMWs, Lexus, Jaguar, etc. I like cush. I also like to fly business class and stay at nice hotels. Once you get spoiled, it's a real come-down when those things don't happen.