Monday, October 13, 2008

Forget Christmas - I'm Ready for Valentine's Day

The binding is on and it's done! I had a hard time getting pictures of this one (story of my life) - the colours are really off on the close-ups but I don't have a clue how to manipulate them to get them any better.

These heart wreaths were so easy to do with my Circle Lord heart template - so easy in fact that when I got on a roll, I stitched a couple twice so had to do some frogging. The quilting shows up a little bit better from this angle:

Humour me here please - it's been so long since I posted anything quilty I got a bit carried away with the picture taking!

Of course, as soon as the quilts go on the floor, this little face appears in front of the camera.

That's it for my weekend of quilting. Tomorrow I get to do really exciting things like take my car in for service, take my Mum to the physiotherapist and do laundry. It's back to reality, but it was nice while it lasted.


SandyQuilts said...

I LOVE LOVE that quilt .... it makes me smile and happiness flows all around me. Circle Lord ... man what a wonderful tool.

Look on your camera and see if you have a setting called "Backlight". I use that setting on my camera all the time even in daylight. I don't know what it does but my photos are so much better with that setting than the "auto".

Vicki W said...

What a cute quilt! You must be an overachiever - this one is quite early.

Mary said...

Very pretty! I don't have the heart template but I do have the Ginkgo and Stars that I need to try out.

I have a few small pieces that I need to freehand but then I plan on doing some Swirls using my Circle Lord giant template AND Mom told me she's shipping a top that I'm going to do Baptist Fans on for her.

Diannia said...

Hi, I've got this quilt top all finished and am going to take a class w/it on hand big stitching next Saturday. I like the meander around the applique and will probably do that as well. Where did you find the jumbo rick rack? I've looked all over Fresno for it! Wish me luck on hand quilting!

Anonymous said...

Darling quilt! And what a sweet lil face, give that puppy an extra treat from me.