Monday, October 27, 2008

It's All About the Hair

How important is your hair stylist to you? I've been going to the same one for quite a number of years, but she went on maternity leave in August and is planning to take a year off. Her replacement has been doing a great job on my hair since then and I'm really happy with her.

I have an appointment this week for cut/highlights so I'll be all set for the wedding. I'm getting my hair styled the day of, but that will be happening at the venue. Today I got a call from the salon to confirm my appointment this week, but also telling me that the girl that has been doing my hair is no longer there and they refused to tell me where she has gone.

I don't want someone who has never cut my hair before to do it for such a special occasion. Part of me can understand the salon's position as they don't want to lose clients, but another part wonders do they really want such a pissed off customer either?

I have a few plans in the works to try and find where my stylist has gone - I don't give up easily - I'm too afraid my hair might end up looking like this:

Do you ever check out The Daily Puppy in my sidebar? I only see it when I have to edit a post but today's little guy is really worth checking out - he's absolutely adorable, but then, aren't they all!


Suzan said...

I spent a gazillion dollars having my hair cut and colored for my son's wedding. I had it all done in Seattle since the wedding was in Virginia and I wanted my hair not to look "just cut". The day of the wedding, I went to a salon just to have my hair washed and styled. I ABSOLUTELY hated it and didn't have time to re-do it myself.

Find your stylist! This is too important a day to have someone turn your head into a mop!!

Deb said...

Sure hope you find her Irene...a good stylist is a treasure.

rianammerman said...

Uh-oh. This could spell disaster. Ask me how I know. Every time I see pictures of Michelle's wedding all I think about is that horrible haircut. Call the shop and ask where both those stylists are. They'll know. Then call them both up--beg on your knees if you have to. Good luck.