Sunday, November 25, 2007

Adding Some Bling

I saw a lot of denim jackets in Vegas that were embellished with crystals - some were really gaudy but some were very nice. This got my wheels turning......I already have a hot fix crystal applicator and lots of crystals - I have a denim jacket.....all I need is some imagination and I too can have an embellished jacket.

I've been trying to pluck up the nerve for quite some time to embroider on my jean jacket, so maybe this could be a stepping stone. No guts, no glory - right?

Ben is very happy to have us home. I think a layer of skin has been licked off my face - who needs a facial or exfoliation when you have a dog! He was very well taken care of in our absence by our future son in law and I know he enjoyed all the attention Darren gave him.

As you can see from this, his back is a lot better!

I'm having trouble getting motivated after our trip but I better get out of my lethargy or that C word will be here before I know it!

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