Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dog Cabin - The Quilt from Hell

I started this quilt over a year ago to donate to our local Humane Society. The top went together beautifully even if it did take me forever to make those paws around the border.

The problems all started when I began to quilt it. I purchased a cute panto Puppy Playground and away I went. I think my first mistake was my choice of thread colour. I went with a red, but to me it just looked like someone had scribbled all over the dog block - you couldn't really read the writing. Of course, I did a couple of passes before I decided I couldn't live with it and started to rip it out. You can imagine how long that took me......

Not to be beaten, I then decided I would just stitch in the ditch around the logs and stipple around the dogs. Well......while I'm happily stitching away on the front, the tension demons are busy on the back and what a mess it was. I decided I WAS beaten and I was ready to throw the whole thing out.

In steps my Mum who offered to rip out my latest effort. She had it done in days (of course she did, the tension was so off you just looked at it and it came out). I told her I didn't want to see it again for a good long while as I was sick to death of it. Now my Mum, who is 85, and has trouble remembering a great deal of things, has never forgotten that top and asks me at least once a week when I'm going to finish that flipping quilt!

I hauled it out the other day to ease my guilt, and it needs some reinforcing before I can load it on the longarm again. All the outside seams are coming apart with all the frogging that has been done to it so I've started to tackle that. I'm not promising the Humane Society will get it this Christmas, but at least it's 'in my face' again so I can't ignore it any longer.

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