Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where was I....

We got home last night and went from a sunny 77 degrees to a freezing 25 with a light dusting of snow. We had a great time but it's nice to be home and breathing smoke free air again. The smoking really got to me in Vegas and I don't see how they can call it a family destination until they change some of their smoking laws. Even non-smoking designated places aren't enforced so there is smoke everywhere. (Stepping down from soapbox now.)

This is one of the windows of Dolce & Gabbana which really took my fancy. All the flowers were real and I found it really eye catching.

I'm writing my letter to Santa today asking for a new pair of legs for Christmas. With all the walking we did I really think I deserve new ones that are arthritis free! We walked from The Mirage to Mandalay Bay which according to Mapquest is 1.98 miles, but that doesn't take into account all the casinos you have to walk through to get there or all the up/down escalators and skywalks. We took a cab back which brings me to another rant - don't you think you should have to be able to speak and understand English if you are a cab driver in an English speaking country? Since Sandra doesn't like my references to motion sickness - let's just say the cab ride wasn't very pleasant and leave it at that! I went in here at Mandalay Place and paid an outrageous amount for a Vegas toy for Ben. I had promised him we'd bring him back something special, so what was I to do? Ben only likes toys that squeak or make a noise. If it doesn't, he bites it all over trying to find 'the spot' and if nothing happens, he looks at you like you've given him a defective toy.

This was one of the table decorations in Mandalay Bay - yes, they are all real and just outstanding. I'm beginning to figure out why my stash is full of florals....

This is behind the front desk at Bellagio - I don't remember seeing this before, so I assume they change it seasonally. At least it gives you something nice to look at while lining up to check in.

The name says it all - it's all about the shoes!

While we didn't get to see Elton - at least I did get to see a pair of his shoes!

We did see The Phantom of the Opera and it was very well done. I've seen this at least half a dozen times before when it was in Toronto, but it's one of Leo's favourites so once in a while I have to let him do what he wants - after all, he very patiently stood by while I took pictures of all the amazing shoes! Of all the Phantoms I've seen though, I still think Colm Wilkinson is the best!

I can hear the laundry calling my name so I guess this means I'm back to reality.


Onalee said...

Did you buy shoes?

Nadine said...

I lived in Vegas all my life until 13 years ago. I know things have changed quite a lot since I left! I've enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading your adventures. It's so interesting to see the city from a traveler's point of view! Thanks for sharing!