Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Update on Ben

Well, I now feel like the worst mother ever. Ben wasn't any better this morning so I called my Vet and went in immediately. The poor little thing has a herniated disc in his back. He gave him a cortisone shot, sent me home with cortisone pills for the next two days and some pain killers. I also had to pick up some Pepcid AC to give him so the pills wouldn't upset his little tummy. He is to have restricted activity for at least two weeks which the Vet warned me will be hard, especially once he starts to feel better - which I hope is soon! We call him our little Energizer dog as he is always on the go and full of energy.

This reminded me of an incident that happened when my daughter was young. We were on vacation in Florida and she hurt her finger on the air mattress in the pool. I took a look at it, moved it around and told her it was fine. Well, later that night when the pain didn't subside, I took her to the hospital and they discovered it was broken. They put me through the third degree and asked me a million questions - as if I didn't feel guilty enough. You'll be glad to know she is now 28 and I wasn't charged with child abuse!

I'm going to spend the evening cuddling my baby....

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