Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Not Sure What Day it Is...

As promised, here is a picture of the inside of the Dome at the Mirage complete with beautiful orchids everywhere.

I also snapped a picture of one of the Christmas arrangements - they all contain dozens of red roses and any wilted blooms are replaced every morning.

We walked the strip yesterday logging at least another 50 miles thereby negating the calories of anything I ate. There are a lot of changes since the last time we were here - 2001 - most notably Caesar's Palace - I swear we walked 20 of the 50 miles in there just trying to find our way out.

We look a gondola ride at the Venetian (wasn't that romantic!) and I also managed to fit in a bit of shopping.

We made it to The Fashion Mall this morning which was a small miracle in itself considering how much Leo likes to shop. I thought their Christmas decorations were worthy of a couple of pictures.

A couple of observations - they have figured out a way of not allowing you to use the fridge in your room to cool beverages other than from the mini bar. In very tiny print at the bottom of the mini bar price list is a notice telling you that it is operated by sensors so if you move anything, you will see it on your bill. So, you can pay $3.75 for a Diet Coke from the mini bar or $2,75 for a bottle from the store downstairs. Either way you are being ripped off.

We noticed the busiest slots are the 1 and 2 cent machines. These are also new since our last trip but I'm quite happy to put my $5 in and play for ages - at least it takes longer to lose your money.

I hope somebody is reading this as it takes forever to rearrange these pictures - there must be an easier way than how I'm doing it, but I'll figure that out another day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

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Sandra said...

SHOES! I hope you picked up a pair of Jimmy Choo's for me.

I love the Christmas decorations, very cute!