Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vegas Day 1

This is our view from The Mirage - Trump's tower is on the left, TI is in the middle (it used to be Treasure Island, but they now call it TI - maybe they think that sounds more hip - beats me) Wynn and the Venetian on the right. The dome houses an incredible jungle complete with orchids, waterfalls and other tropical foliage (pictures of them later).

We saw Cirque du Soleil's LOVE last night which was their interpretation of the life, times and music of the Beatles. It was outstanding! We've seen O and a couple of other Cirque shows, and I always thought it would take a lot to beat O - this did. The artistry, imagination and talent of these young performers is unbelievable.

I think if I lived here for a month I would become thin. I probably logged 10 miles today and didn't leave the hotel.

Now for the food - neither one of us was up for dinner tonight after our long flight, so we went to a place called the Carnegie Deli. I have never seen such portions in my life - and I'm not exaggerating. I ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup which was good but not worthy of a picture. Leo wasn't very adventurous either but the couple at the table beside us helped me out with blog fodder. He ordered a BLT which could just as easily be called a heart attack waiting to happen. There must have easily been a pound of bacon on his sandwich. His wife was so appalled when it came, she took a picture, and never being one to be left out, I asked if she would mind if I took one too. This is just half the sandwich and we wonder why as a society we are getting bigger. Carnegie Deli might hold the answer.

I wouldn't want to ruin your day and have that be your lasting image, so here are some beautiful blown glass flowers that I suspect are done by the same artist that did the ceiling in the lobby of Bellagio - I'm sorry, his name escapes me and I'm too lazy to look it up. There was also a beautiful ceiling inside the Baccarat Lounge, but since I don't play Baccarat, I didn't think they would appreciate me going in just for a photo op.

We're off to explore the sights...

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