Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I finally got the Quilt of Valour quilted today. I used a new panto I bought specifically for this quilt called "Maple Syrup", but to be honest I don't think the maple leaves show up as well as I'd hoped. It sure is a thready (is that a word?) panto - I used 6 full bobbins for this fairly small quilt.

As soon as I embroider a label, it will get packaged up and mailed to Sudbury where Leona will apply the binding.

Johnathan's birthday party was cancelled today as the poor little guy is sick. I'm just going to have to wait a little while to give him the puppy Dorothy suggested I buy him. Since it was such a good idea, I bought one for Daniel too and it should be arriving at Dorothy's any day now!

I did get my 'fix' of hugs yesterday though as I had lunch with my girls. They were looking adorable as usual in matching dresses.

They sent me home with balloons for Leo, and all kinds of lovely cards and drawings they made for him - one in particular was really interesting - a picture of Leo 'as a spider' in a hospital bed. Maybe I should be looking to them for imagination when I tackle my next quilt project.

I also enjoyed some retail therapy yesterday and purchased, among other things, this book.

The key to these braided quilts seems to be getting the fabric choices right - what on earth was I thinking?


Dorothy said...

no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no puppy!

Rian said...

What darling girls.

SandyQuilts said...

The quilt turned out great. Aren't you happy with your Tillie (APQS) ... great machine.

Girls are adorable as always. Sorry about Johnathan. AND Leo getting some goodies too.

I have that book. We should do a sew along one weekend .....