Friday, September 12, 2008

Eye Candy

I have lots of pictures to share from my seminar at the Amherst Museum Quilt Guild.

On Wednesday I took Jodi Barrows class called 'Southern Skies' to make this quilt:

Her method is very easy using a square in a square ruler and the possibilities are endless as you can see from some of her samples:

She is an excellent teacher who gave clear instructions and was constantly walking around checking what everyone was doing to make sure she caught mistakes before they happened. Her Texas accent was really endearing and she had some really cute little expressions to help us remember the steps involved.

There is a fair bit of waste with this method, but the results are perfect every time and if you do applique or paper piecing, you could always save your scraps.

That's Jodi on the right, with Peg, another certified Square in a Square teacher from the Rochester area who came to help out. The quilt above was one of my favourites. They both had endless patience and gave us so much information on resizing blocks and border ideas.

It was a really fun class and we all got a lot accomplished.

The Museum has some really interesting exhibits of rooms from various eras and I took some pictures of the kitchens - I found the sayings really entertaining.

I'm hoping you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, but if not, this one from the 1900s says "There is no more attractive room than a well-fitted kitchen, shining with cleanliness".

From the 1940s - 'The American homemaker has an important role to play in the war effort. Her uniform is the kitchen apron.'

'If parents wish their daughters to grow up with good domestic habits, they should have, as one means of securing this result, a neat and cheerful kitchen.'

I'll save the rest for tomorrow.

P.S. - I have had more Spam comments to this post than ever before. Do they search for certain words - if so - I wonder what they are so I can avoid them in future. Other than being annoying, what do they get out of these posts to comments?

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rianammerman said...

Fun pictures of the kitchens. I was able to make 'em huge and I enjoyed looking at them in depth. I like stuff like that. Thanks.