Monday, September 15, 2008

Useless Information

Leo knows more useless information than anyone I know. He always wins at Trivial Pursuit - doesn't matter which version you are playing. He attributes his so-called intelligence to the books he reads and the television he watches (except for baseball and football). He reads National Geographic from cover to cover every month, and watches The History Channel. I'm not sure where all the spaghetti westerns he watches fit into his theory. He calls what I watch 'television for the masses' and wouldn't be caught dead watching Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters or House - he doesn't know what he's missing!

I have been very proud of the fact that I haven't watched any TV all summer and to be honest, I haven't missed it. However, all the new shows are starting soon and I'm not sure my resolve will continue into the winter. How could I not watch American Idol and get my Simon fix every week?

I didn't purposely try to stop watching TV it just happened. I always prefer watching the TV in our bedroom and when Leo was sick, he was going to bed at 6:00 every night and I didn't want to turn it on and disturb him, so I just either read or sewed.

I found out the other day that The UPS Store offers a much better, cheaper and faster photocopy service than Staples. Last month I took the Guild's newsletter to Staples for photocopying and the girl who showed me how to use the double-sided feature and collating didn't know diddly squat about the machine. I was there for well over an hour and had to come home and staple them all.

On Friday, I took this month's newsletter to The UPS Store where I handed the originals to a really helpful man who inserted them into a photocopier that copied, collated and stapled them - all for 2.5 cents a copy less than Staples. I was in the store for approximately 10 minutes. Guess where I'll be going in future.

Continuing on with the useless information theme, I read a comment on Nadine's blog about a site called Ikea Hacker. This site takes all kinds of items sold at Ikea and uses them for purposes other than what they were intended. There are some great ideas on there. Make sure you check out the great drawers that Nadine got for all her beading supplies.

We have an Ikea about 10 minutes away - I'm going to have to pay it a visit with a more open mind and see what I can find to help organize my sewing room.


Rian said...

I rarely watch TV. It doesn't interest me and I don't think to turn it on. But I did get caught up in American Idol last year (love Simon) and I have been enjoying America's Got Talent this summer--there's some very good talent going into the finals!! I have also discovered Two And a Half Men, a half-hour sitcom that always makes me laugh

Mary said...

I have several shows I like to watch so I'm sure I'll be in front of the TV some this fall as the new episodes come out. American Idol is not one that I've ever gotten into to watching.

Xin@Impression Emedia said...

I am enjoying Simon so much. .Don't know why!