Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last Saturday of the Summer

I've been working - again - and will be all next week too so my posts will probably be few and far between. You'll probably also have to listen to me moan about it. I am so ready for my life to get back to a normal routine.

However, I did manage dinner and a movie with some girlfriends on Thursday night. We went to see 'The Women' which wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't as bad as the critics would like you to believe either. Meg Ryan was really captivating - and she looked like the Meg we all used to love in Sleepless in Seatle and You've Got Mail. There wasn't a man in the whole movie - not even in background scenes of pedestrians in New York.

I am making some progress with my Windmill Quilt.

I'm not, however, making any progress in getting my sewing room tidied up. I can't believe I'm showing this picture to you, but this is what my sewing table looks like right now.

I could never function like this at work. I have to have all my paperwork in a neat pile and I know exactly where everything is. Why, then, does my sewing table more often than not look like this? I stack it all up, add it to another pile on the floor, but before I know it, it looks like this again.

Maybe today I'll try and find a home for this stuff, but don't count on it.


Mary said...

My sewing table is messy and my desk is too - I finally had to clear off part of my desk yesterday but I need to spend a day (or two) filing.

Randi said...

At least your mess is on an actual sewing table...mine is on the dining room table...and it's a disaster area right now. :-(