Monday, September 1, 2008

I Feel A Rant Coming On....

We were invited to friends for lunch today - Leo's first 'official' outing since he's been sick. What should have been a one hour trip turned into a nightmare as Six Nations Native protesters once again closed down one of the major highways linking our area with areas to the west.

I won't go into all the details - it all started over Native land claims - and the Ontario and Federal Government has done nothing (in my opinion and that of almost everyone else you talk to) to stop them barricading Hwy. #6 in Caledonia. What this means is you have to take a long, circuitous route to get from A to B which adds at least half an hour to your trip - one way. With gas prices what they are today, that isn't peanuts!

What angers me is that if I decided to block the road in front of my house and refused to move, I would be arrested and fined. If I did it repeatedly, I would ultimately end up in jail. Why this has been allowed to continue for more than 3 YEARS is beyond me. Today's blockade was apparently prompted by the arrest of some Six Nations people the night before in a City miles away from the disputed land claim sight.

The residents in the area of the blockade have seen their house prices decrease, their businesses close and their livelihood taken away and yet our government still sits back and does nothing to stop it. Enough is enough!

We did have a nice visit, but the frustration coming and going overshadowed what could have been a lovely day.

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