Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Musings

I took Tillie for a test drive today and ran into a problem. She just wouldn't work on stitch regulated mode so I called APQS. It amazed me how quickly they determined what the problem was. Turns out there was an extra lead that Leo didn't quite know what to do with, so he didn't do anything with it - he just left it lying on the table. That lead connected the stitch regulator to the encoder and when I hooked it up, she purred like a kitten. Leo swears he told me he had that left over, but I don't remember hearing him say that......

When I was going through all the stuff that came with it, I found a pre-paid UPS label to send it back. So, I guess the thread really was a gift! This machine is much quieter than my other one - not only the motor but the stitch regulator beeper. The on/off switch is easily accessible from both sides which means I'll get even less exercise as I won't have to walk around the table.

Tonight I made some Blocks of the Month for our Guild. I don't normally participate in this, but a new group took it over this year and I wanted to show my support. I didn't like the individual block, but when you get a couple put together (there are 4 blocks here), it does make an interesting pattern.

Then I took all the cut off triangles and sewed them into pairs.

It doesn't get much more exciting than this!

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