Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Playmate For Ben?

We must be crazy. Leo and I have both been thinking seriously about adding to our family - something that meows. The only thing stopping us is how Mr. Benjamin would react. As most of you know, he is one spoiled little dog and he loves to be the center of our attention. I'm not sure he would appreciate sharing the limelight with a kitty.

I've been checking the local Humane Society website diligently and this little sweetie was on there this weekend. Isn't she adorable! I'm not sure if Ben might think she was a squeaky toy though and toss her around. This needs more thought...

Leo goes into hospital in Toronto tomorrow. The specialist is going to try and remove his pancreatic stones and put in a stent to help keep the duct open so the enzymes can flow freely - the way they are supposed to. If everything goes well, he will be home tomorrow night, but we were warned he could be admitted for up to 3 days. If this is successful, he should start to regain some of the considerable weight he has lost.

I know he's feeling apprehensive, but he's been feeling so much better lately that I just have to believe that this is going to work!


Deb said...

I hope all goes well for Leo. I'll be thinking of you.

And that kitty is so sweet! Of course you knew I would say that...lol.

rianammerman said...

I'll be sending good thoughts your way!!

I don't think Ben would hurt the kitten, but he might get a broken heart. Our little dogs do have a strong sense of jealousy, but it'll be alright in the end.

Suzan said...

Best of luck with Leo's procedure! I will be thinking positive thoughts!!

Char said...

Best of Luck to Leo! If you introduce the kitten to Ben, I think it will be a joy for you! Hope your stay at the hospital as as comfortable as it can be for the anxious family. You are in my prayers.