Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I can't seem to get motivated to do much this weekend. I did get all the fabric cut for my two classes this week but most of the stuff on my cutting table that I was going to clean up ended up piled on the floor until I'm in a better frame of mind to find a 'home' for it.

I saw a link on Randi's blog for a tutorial on a little jewellery purse. I tried one today and they go together very quickly and very easily:

There are four pockets inside to keep things separate:

And when it's closed, it looks like a flower.

I didn't have much 1/4" ribbon to pick and choose from - I think a contrasting colour would have been nicer - oh, and Lee - the poka dots are just for you!

This is probably ancient history to most of you, but I just recently discovered that you can download all the quilt stores in the U.S.A. and Canada into your GPS - all 2,014 of them! Just go here and follow the instructions for "POI Files" - Points of Interest (to get to the Quilt Stores, click on 'view all POI files' then scroll down to Quilt Stores). For all you coffee lovers, you can download all the Starbucks locations too. There are lots of POI files to pick from - it's another great time waster site so be prepared.

Leo was kind enough to download it for me before the NFL started.

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rianammerman said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't know you could do that--I love the whole GPS concept. I never use the thing, I live in a one-horse town and only go to the supermarket and back, but I used it when we went to the IQF in Long Beach--it even told me what lane to be in when we were in traffic on the freeway.